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Just the Port: 25570 

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Why play on the FriendsWithMatt server?

Because we are doing everything possible to make it as fun of an experience as it can possibly be

-Play using Java or Bedrock

-We have claim property and will give you free claim blocks so you can own your own plot of land

-Everything is free and there's ZERO pay-to-win content

-We use Anti-Cheat plug-ins that automatically ban people when they try to get an unfair advantage

-We have a grief-protection program. By using Core-Protect we can rollback the server so if anything bad happens, like a huge crash or hacker attack, we can reset everything to minutes before the attack or crash

-We have a strong community that's constantly in contact with each other 

-There's always friends around. With about 50 active players from all over the world (they all speak english) there's always people online