Build Projects

The Donut

An important central location near Spawn

Nice homes

These houses sit ontop the Donut by Mafurto's Pizzeria

The Colosseum

Unfinished and looking like a bowl


The rainbow tells it all

The Starship

Xeto's "Secret" Base

Ender Dragon

The End

Homes in the Donut

Built by Mafurt and FireCow

A nice home in the Donut

KidAustinPlayz lives here

FireCow's Hobit Hole

The password for entry is "Yoink"

The Hobit Hole

Mafurt sold this house to Smash_TNT_Ty for free

Scenic Path

From Spawn to the Donut

Donut Trail

WARNING: Read the sign in this picture

Ancient Pyramid

ZappyMC's base

The fighters

YesOrYes standing by his glorious painting in his home

Wooden Castle

YesOrYes base

The famous "Rocket"

Totally not a middle finger

The Twin Towers

These stairs lead from Spawn to the Donut

Mafurto's Pizzeria

The restaurant behind the Mafurt statue

The Colosseum

A huge construction process still underway

The Colosseum 2

A bird's-eye view of the colosseum