Using a Switch?

Step 1

Go to system settings

Step 2

Go to Internet and then go to Internet settings

Step 3

Go to your main wifi network and press A

Step 4

Press "Change Settings"

Step 5

Select "Manual" then pick your country and possibly specific location. 

Step 6

Go to the Minecraft "Servers" tab and click on a server. You'll be shown a menu pictured below in step 7.

Step 7

Press "Manage Server List"

Step 8

Press "Add a Server"

Step 9

Here's the info you need

Server Address:

Server Port: 25570

Server Name: FriendsWithMatt

Then press Submit!

Just to be clear....

This is what to type in

Step 10

Choose the FriendsWithMatt server that you just added and join the fun. Build your dream house and claim the property or PVP against our large, growing group of friends!